Thursday, March 20, 2014

A meteor from a distance

A meteor from a distance has been seen.
A group of cousins haven’t threatened been.
Herding our goats and the time was late
Distantly at a pasture, we fear not to defeat.    
Three possible things are to be reckoned.
Fashioned still, as our grandfathers told     
Not to ask a strange even if he is saint
Don’t say it is "faithful" unless you test
And not to say it is "tasty" unless you eat
Two gunmen came to us once to debate
One of them is blind the other is hairless
We squat down displaying careless 
A plague has been broken out, they said.
And the matter we look for must be delayed.
And perhaps your cattle will be infected soon
And the place no longer will be ruin
One of them hangs a long dagger over his waist
And a new gun was dangled close to his chest
Turned an evil smile, he gave us his back
Being disarranged wearing loosely sack 
His face is yellowy in fact as his teeth
Inasmuch he smoked he is hardly to breathe 
Not for a while and he pretended the sleep
Saying to his fellow, guard our sheep
One of our fellows said, let's going to that cave  
It is a windy day and never will it be safe 
The other said, let's deal with them
It is a trading and we shall do the same  
Flashes came out followed by a fierce thunder
It did cloudburst and no reason to stay further
It was advised soon to collect our herd     
Nonchalant to them, for home we returned.