Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mayst you think as me?

Mayst you think as me?
Thou must to my injury see
Then to look impartially to my due    
And not in critical hour you're gonna flee
***       ****          ****
As a sudden attack jumps to mind
It causes neither death nor temping kind.
As the vast space wondering me
Its unfathomable bounds I couldn’t find
**       ***       ***      ****
As a mirage it inclined to my eye
Covered me with a doze couldn’t fly.
To which borrowing can I extend my hand?
Our life is just an unpayable of overdue lie.
****      *****          ******
Do you sleep like me a starry-eyed?
No, I think you often never mind.
Alas to the sense of my excessive thought.

No more and in thy passion I should hide.