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Translation of Arabic poem: A fellow as a javelin end

Introduction :

This poem relates to us on the tongue of its sayer the risks of the unfaithful friends whom they are considerable number at our nowadays, the poet resembles the unfaithful friend as a sick organ neither you can get rid from it nor can you stay patiently enduring its pain.
Moreover, the bad friend is similar to the infected hand with a malignant disease and if you cut a part of it the other part remains uncured and if you cut it totally, no longer can you do something and you will stay suffering your imputed hand. It is a good poem teaches us the good morality in our life.
In general, to leave your malicious friend is better than you try to mend his bad temper because he is as if the crooked back end of javelin which subjected many times to repairing and no longer will be able for many repairing else more, in addition it will be useless and just castaway dry wood.

الشريف الرضي

Translated to English by

وكم صاحب كالرّمح زاغت كعوبه          أبَى بَعدَ طُولِ الغَمزِ أنْ يَتَقَوّمَا
تقلّبت منه ظاهراً متبلجاً                     وأدمج دوني باطناً متجهماً
فأبدى كروض الحزن رقت فروعه          وَأضْمَرَ كاللّيلِ الخُدارِيّ مُظلِمَا
ولو أنني كشّفته عن ضميره                   أقمتُ على ما بيننا اليوم مأتما
فلا باسطاً بالسوء إن ساءني يداً               ولا فاغراً بالذّم إن رابني فما
كَعُضْوٍ رَمَتْ فِيهِ اللّيَالي بفَادِحٍ                ومن حمل العضو الأليم تألّما
إذا أمَرَ الطِّبُّ اللّبِيبُ بِقَطْعِهِ                   أقول عسى ضنّاً به ولعلّما
صبرت على إيلامه خوف نقصه             وَمَنْ لامَ مَن لا يَرْعوِي كانَ ألوَمَا
هي الكف مضٌّ تركها بعد دائها              وإن قطعت شانت ذراعاً ومعصما
أرَاكَ عَلى قَلبي، وَإنْ كنتَ عَاصِياً           أعَزَّ مِنَ القَلْبِ المُطيعِ وَأكْرَمَا
حملتك حمل العين لج بها القذى              ولا تنجلي يوماً ولا تبلغ العمى
دع المرء مطوياً على ذممتّه                  ولا تنشر الداء العضال فتندما
إذا العُضْوُ لَمْ يُؤلِمْكَ إلاّ قَطَعتَهُ                على مضضٍ لم تبق لحماً ولا دما
          ومن لم يوطّنْ للصغير من الأذى                  تَعَرّضَ أنْ يَلْقَى أجَلّ وَأعظَمَا

Translation of the poem 

A fellow as a javelin end still it is crooked.
However, I try to right it cannot be mended
Apparently, he discloses for me shine visage
But he hides inside an opaque message
He seems as if a meadowy hill its branches being soft
And he hid inside himself like the night's dark coat
If I am going to reveal his intention
I shall end with him sad relation
I didn’t turn sinful if to me with his sinner hands extend.
No dispraise shall I say even I am doubted in what he said
He is such an organ, the nights harm it, cannot regain.
And who carries the aching organ surely feels with its pain
If the excellent doctor advises to cut it as a result,
I will say perhaps that the doctor knows its minor fault.
I bear patient fearing lest to be a defect I will suffer.
And who blames the unwary man will be the most blamer.
A reluctant matter is on the sick hand a man stays patient.
And if it was imputed both arm and hand go to discredit
Even you were disobedient I felt you in my heart precious  
And I felt you more than the obedient heart was generous
I carry you patiently as if you were an ill eyed
Neither it will be cured nor will it be blind…
Let the human enfolding his hidden faults under his feet 
If you allow the chronic disease to spread you will regret
If the sick organ didn’t hurt you unless you cut it eventually
As blood and flesh, you will remain suffering reluctantly.
If someone doesn’t warn himself from the small injure,
He may expect things that are more serous and harmer…
Good praise is for Allah who donates me the ability to be faithful with myself as far as I can…
 Good luck to all readers ….