Sunday, May 18, 2014

Night, guitar and a cup of coffee
And the river sweeping up its waves
Between this and that, I have emotion
Darling thing never can be forgotten
Some of birds were going sleep.
And night blows its breeze coolly  
While the vision of the stars turn aside
Enormously its shadow touched down
A moment comes as if a revolted tyranny
Once an echo staved off my emotion
Meanwhile it was too dark feeling disturbed
I picked up my stuff to welcome the desert
Thrown my suitcase, I set up a fire
And the blues covered me from all sides.
Remotely it comes as if a Newton apple
A moment my desire was declined
I passed asking the moon what was defined.
It clavately turned as if it had eclipse
And runs as if it had inevitable journey
By God, what happens to my mind?
Deserted only my thick hear I scratched
Nevertheless of all these amusements,
My feet dragged me to trapping
I stood as an angle of attack ascending.
The moment of curse I stopped
And as a retreating oneself I hastened