Sunday, May 18, 2014

No, Iraq must not be divided

  No, Iraq must not be divided
Across history Iraq is united
You the politicians are dismantled
You the voices I hear selfishly shouted
Keep peace or shall we turn revolted
You can't do that only over our corpses
To redeem our Home, we mount our horses  
From north to south, we are one clapped hand
Viva to you country you may lively stand.
Nevertheless, we are sects or factions,
Our nation voice is one at hard missions.
Thou who claimed the victor in division,
You are monkeys out of any function.
My heart is with those poor everywhere
Thou country must always take care
A digital morph ever has a unique tune.  
As a pot never stands on one stone
O, my Iraq, let our dead tear out their shrouds
Tigris and Euphrates yet to thy deed are proud.
Nay, the country of honour still undivided
Eye! Every palm tree shall be frustrated
Aye, every stone shall be violently enraged
O, those, who, want their sway to be wide!
To which part can you stay if Iraq leads to divide?
Iraq is one Home having similar countryside
The same traditions of generosity and pride
Iraq is the core of sun that gives us light
The scythe of farmer glows optically bright.
The wristwatch never I put it back

O, my country: live long as a flying hawk.