Thursday, November 27, 2014

A palmist

Naked chest walked in streets
Barefoot chases her shadow
A strange lady never seen in city
Comes from Bengal or Asia Minor
Asked a café owner for a hot cup
Chewing her tongue from time to time
A lady of opened eyes and watchfully
Of tall height as tall as a tower
In her hand, she grasped a yellow rose
She kisses it a minute twice
Of a slim abdomen being shaken
And two arms as branches of bamboo
And a waist is too fit for dancing
while her two big breasts,
out of her bras were prominent
And when someone passed,
She would stand as a soldier
To reply a military greeting
Once when someone paid,
She would say OK
An eccentric girl of no emotion
Half of her legs were spotted
But she reads other fortunes
She tells everyone what he wants
Has been learned the palmistry
Stalking through streets,
As a chased hunt she runs
Excuse me not to more I describe 
My eyes were fascinated in her