Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My heart in Dos was inclined

MMA poems 

Mohammad Ahmad 

Iraqi translator 

Mosul \ Iraq

My heart to Dos inclined

My heart isn't here

My heart is in another place

In which I shed tear

My heart will come around

If she were a pleasant dear

No touchable illness no failure will be

When the beloved comes and I see

O, people, passion never can be healed

Ever to get caution or to have armored shell

It comes as a thunder striking souls

Either it comes strongly as if falls

Neither you can flee nor can you leave.

It is as a swordlike and you will believe

It honks in my ear a duplicate form

I returned a newborn in that storm


If only I had a heart 

If only I were a bird and could fly

If only I were a rocket to ascend high

If only people for lovers don't deny

Then life will be useful, however, you try

But alas it has shaped with a formulaic lie

In every speech, in every manner

It has a sophisticated dullness cry

The matter isn't to be for oneself slave

But to ever you go may tie thyself in a bond

The bonds of society of different views

Among them, the good and bad

Among them, the kind and the selfish

Among them the vicious and the honest

Thus, you may go and go

In this infinite circle

Whether you cross over seas or lands

But in one thing you may be cautious

That your mind never to give for others