Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Islam and America greed in the regio

Views and analyses by Mohammad Ahmad
How does the chaos come to Arabia Region?
It might be ensued because of a confliction going to arise here or there; the one noticeable thing we might discuss over all recently periods is that which began from al-Khumyney had brought the Islamic revolution in Iran.
I don’t need to state any document because I myself was engaged in all the battles between Iraq and Iran in the war that was broken out between the two neighbored countries, but the question I might ask or everyone might ask, is why the American stood supporting the regime of Saddam Hussein in that period?
Then they changed their policy against Saddam regime after Saddam troops went on invading al-Kuwait in August 1990, when they leaded a huge military campaign sharing with multiple nationality forces altogether cooperating to destroy the infrastructure of Iraq and destroying its military.
The war of America to Iraq has been suggested from that time and not in 2003 as allegations had come to accuse Iraq that it has WMD, and took in eyes as a source of generating risks in the region.
The matter isn’t so, it is a long- term policy of the US in the region and first of all to control on the sources of petrol and second to protect the frontiers of Israel as well as to make a new of land- division in the Middle East.
The juggling indication, where is to come?
Why do Shiites put themselves inside this war?
Is it there any previous of enmity indication between Sunni and Shiite?
Now it has been going boiling and if not the wise men of both sects, Sunni and Shiite will take controlling on and spreading out the values of real Islam essence, the matter will go for worse.
As we hear now the dissenting views and chaos has been reached the Saudi cities and it will come near to the Holy places Mecca and al-Medina.
This isn't poured into the behalf of Islam and it goes to dismantle the unity of Muslims everywhere in the world.
The first thing to take caution for, is to reestablish a good relation between all of the Islam sects and to discard away all of the variations should work as a stumbling block hampering the new generation from together working.
In this way of increasing society mutual relation and enhancing the sources of study and research by establishing joint-communicated centers of Islamic affairs can be amenable source for both Sunni and Shiite.
Hence and more for the future, we can throw the fire out of the region and we can be saved.
This is the only way we have to follow and unless of that the failure and the violence will stay shattering us either on economic aspects or on in any field of life.
What is the problem now?
Shiite and after this a long period of time arisen from the Prophetic Mission and the duration of Islamic caliphates of Companions who followed the Prophet, yet they still claiming that the Islamic caliphate must be confined to Imam Ali and his sons peace and mercy of Allah is upon all of them.
The matter probably maybe is truth or not since the Islamic Caliphate is based on a unanimously- consultation and this will subject to all views of the Islamic society.
What is to do now against all these contradictory views?
Is it to surrender to all these irresponsible views or to subject to all of those extremist people who hardly can keep on peace?
The matter is very difficult to deal with in this chaotic irritable world and it needs men of wisdom and of authentic nationalism in the same time.
May we see the time and our country will be free from violence?
I hope to see that, I hope I will see that
Mosul at 23 December 2014