مدونة محمد الربيعي الأدبية في قوقل

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Elections & wrathful River

They will go election
To choose bad and mad,
They go election
For whom would they vote?
Monkeys never had exception
My coat further than bore had
Is it truly interruption?
Yes, it is a hard mission.
To choose who has a savage intention
But let it always intervention
To stop this mockable superstition
To whom is the mission?
Let's ten years burned under the sun
Let's a singed loaf of bread we eat
Just to live in dignity
To wear nothing
But to live proud
Our orchard has shattered walls
Our camel died
Iraq after occupation died forever
By their azure fingerprint
They would spot the freedom
O, my Tigris River
For what do you wait?
Are you sill humorous?
No, you may stop your waves…
You may cry and shout
Enough to be always sage
You may weed out the blight
You may flood again
To take away the heap of mud
To clear out the desert
O, the wrathful River
Root up the red-handed
Root up every prison they built
Root up their deceptive skies
Sweep away their houses and their livestock
To be clear out from Satan
Release the shackled hands   
Return each absent back to his mother.
*******     *******    *******
For a long time you haven’t flood
Flood it, don't be afraid
Flood it and release my poems
Flood it to purify the conscience  
Flood it, don't be lazy or laggard
And I shall sacrifice you by my life
Ask them…
Do they have a real decision?
Lining up they go election!
Ask them not to dance on thy waterside
O, my dreamy River
O, my sad River
O, the eternal River
You many not die
You inspire my freedom
You are a half of my life
You should never depart
Your tune should never die
And I shall wait you forever.   

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A blind eagle

The blind eagle
Poem to children
Written by
Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad
Iraq – Mosul 

On day, we have a trip nearside the thicket   
Seeing a large eagle roaming over the forest  
Flies happily and stretched out its wings
After awhile we find a large nest
We were astonishing that one of the nestlings was blind
We tried to help him and carrying him to another side
Her mother attacked us suddenly and awfully
I feared the consequent since I was child
We hide ourselves between the thickets until her mother feeds him
Hardly can we see because of the place is dark and dim
One of us tied the blind nestling legs and we left back
We guess it has strong body although it is slim
The small eagle recovers and becomes happy 
We find that our journey was useful and lucky
The small eagle becomes our friend until to the fly is capable
Gratefully to us our good deed and flies proudly and lofty.
We must thank Allah who made this nature in our souls
The humanitarianism is one the essential Islamic rules       
We are Muslims and we follow our Prophet the most humanitarian 
And we can do every charitable deed as our religion calls