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Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Islam and America greed in the regio

Views and analyses by Mohammad Ahmad
How does the chaos come to Arabia Region?
It might be ensued because of a confliction going to arise here or there; the one noticeable thing we might discuss over all recently periods is that which began from al-Khumyney had brought the Islamic revolution in Iran.
I don’t need to state any document because I myself was engaged in all the battles between Iraq and Iran in the war that was broken out between the two neighbored countries, but the question I might ask or everyone might ask, is why the American stood supporting the regime of Saddam Hussein in that period?
Then they changed their policy against Saddam regime after Saddam troops went on invading al-Kuwait in August 1990, when they leaded a huge military campaign sharing with multiple nationality forces altogether cooperating to destroy the infrastructure of Iraq and destroying its military.
The war of America to Iraq has been suggested from that time and not in 2003 as allegations had come to accuse Iraq that it has WMD, and took in eyes as a source of generating risks in the region.
The matter isn’t so, it is a long- term policy of the US in the region and first of all to control on the sources of petrol and second to protect the frontiers of Israel as well as to make a new of land- division in the Middle East.
The juggling indication, where is to come?
Why do Shiites put themselves inside this war?
Is it there any previous of enmity indication between Sunni and Shiite?
Now it has been going boiling and if not the wise men of both sects, Sunni and Shiite will take controlling on and spreading out the values of real Islam essence, the matter will go for worse.
As we hear now the dissenting views and chaos has been reached the Saudi cities and it will come near to the Holy places Mecca and al-Medina.
This isn't poured into the behalf of Islam and it goes to dismantle the unity of Muslims everywhere in the world.
The first thing to take caution for, is to reestablish a good relation between all of the Islam sects and to discard away all of the variations should work as a stumbling block hampering the new generation from together working.
In this way of increasing society mutual relation and enhancing the sources of study and research by establishing joint-communicated centers of Islamic affairs can be amenable source for both Sunni and Shiite.
Hence and more for the future, we can throw the fire out of the region and we can be saved.
This is the only way we have to follow and unless of that the failure and the violence will stay shattering us either on economic aspects or on in any field of life.
What is the problem now?
Shiite and after this a long period of time arisen from the Prophetic Mission and the duration of Islamic caliphates of Companions who followed the Prophet, yet they still claiming that the Islamic caliphate must be confined to Imam Ali and his sons peace and mercy of Allah is upon all of them.
The matter probably maybe is truth or not since the Islamic Caliphate is based on a unanimously- consultation and this will subject to all views of the Islamic society.
What is to do now against all these contradictory views?
Is it to surrender to all these irresponsible views or to subject to all of those extremist people who hardly can keep on peace?
The matter is very difficult to deal with in this chaotic irritable world and it needs men of wisdom and of authentic nationalism in the same time.
May we see the time and our country will be free from violence?
I hope to see that, I hope I will see that
Mosul at 23 December 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My heart in Dos was inclined

MMA poems 

Mohammad Ahmad 

Iraqi translator 

Mosul \ Iraq

My heart to Dos inclined

My heart isn't here

My heart is in another place

In which I shed tear

My heart will come around

If she were a pleasant dear

No touchable illness no failure will be

When the beloved comes and I see

O, people, passion never can be healed

Ever to get caution or to have armored shell

It comes as a thunder striking souls

Either it comes strongly as if falls

Neither you can flee nor can you leave.

It is as a swordlike and you will believe

It honks in my ear a duplicate form

I returned a newborn in that storm


If only I had a heart 

If only I were a bird and could fly

If only I were a rocket to ascend high

If only people for lovers don't deny

Then life will be useful, however, you try

But alas it has shaped with a formulaic lie

In every speech, in every manner

It has a sophisticated dullness cry

The matter isn't to be for oneself slave

But to ever you go may tie thyself in a bond

The bonds of society of different views

Among them, the good and bad

Among them, the kind and the selfish

Among them the vicious and the honest

Thus, you may go and go

In this infinite circle

Whether you cross over seas or lands

But in one thing you may be cautious

That your mind never to give for others

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Three fellow dogs A, B and F

Three dogs (A, B, and F) decided to go for hunting, the senior dog said to his fellows, I am the biggest dog, and you might obey me in whatsoever I tell or order.
The three follows dogs went through the desert from north to south and from east to west, searching each valley they passed by if there was a bit hunt to eat.
When they felt fatigued, they stayed for a while to take a rest under a big tree overlooking on two small hills and began to discuss the difficulties of each one life.
The biggest dog was the first one to begin his story.
O, fellows B and F, I am on a real imperialistic self-identification I find myself was arranged to, I met many people everywhere face to face who said this to me.
I fell rather happy when they don't look disgustedly to me by their spyglass then I fell that I am eaten by the time and my age will be shortened and probably I will be chased by the misery everywhere to go.
The dog B, slightly going into coughing, telling the big dog and said:
You are bravo to do this all time alone even the smallest dogs you own, do not try to help you!
You are already had been chosen to this hard task.
You are indeed the leader who we need not only in our present time but also in our future.
The F dog also approved the way to speak and began to talk although it has an obvious stuttering into his speech, but he continued and said:
You are our bigger leader who taught us how to hunt and how to be alive in this undomesticated life.
Sir, to the big dog, the F dog turned on speech!
Don't you have Sir a young girl to engage with?
The big A, goes in speech as if it has a whooping- cough!
Yes, indeed, I had, but she neither married nor engaged!
Is she a widow Sir?
Or she is still spinster!
No, no indeed she is not a widow but she hates marriage, she preferred to live alone and always she is the most darling in our society.
What's her name Sir?
Why do you always ask a silly question?
Does she have not a name?
Indeed, it had, but we dislike calling her into her common name, but we rather call her the ES-J.
Can she speak fluently like us in dogs' language?
Yes, she can, but she offered to herself another language, it can't be easily understood only within her society.
You said it had society Sir. The B and F dogs slightly turned over on their stretched too long sofa.
Yes, it will examine her society in the beginning of each year and it may ask the church- owner for a sympathetic thing she likes to do!
I don't know why this a dog female deals with all these unconcern things to bring together deliciously all things to be united in a one matrix.
It is very serious to work and to do!
The big dog exclaimed!
It is not a dog female, it is rather princess and it has a golden throne!
She is my daughter, the daughter of her father, the Big Dog -A, you know, who is still strong as you see.
Indeed Sir you deserve this daughter.
Both B and F dogs replied in a faint voice.
The A dog being angry and somehow roaring into both faces looking around to see his response!
I am into thy speech more resentful and you may not sit near my round table, I might banish you if you don’t respect her!
There is a bit of silence as if a shadow of eagle comes down!
You must obey and hear my story…The dog A confirms…
I was born inside the jungles, I am not an ordinary dog, and indeed, I am a lion.
One day a Russian lion comes to the Mississippi -River around land and married with my mother.
Thus, we see a fur covered your ears!
The F dog, in slight bantering was crabbing to complete the verse.
I am proud if I had a European mother and a Russian father, this will make me jumping in rejoicing.
When the three fellows felt discouraged and frustrated to continue on hunting, they decided to build a new society in the Middle East; therefore, they need to find a group of dogs to consulting with them and for additional concreting advice.
So that they decided to go for Egypt and the rest countries of Arabia-West, otherwise they send another dispatcher to meet the dogs in the Gulf region, however to find assistance and gathering voices helping to establish the new society.
They pretend that the new society will ever keeps the dogs' rights in the different communities.
As they work so, many troubles arise on their way since there is another society is going to see the light, thus they need a jackal to do applicable translation is suitable to their allegations to be a truthful idea on the eyes of people.
The jackal came and found the mission is to hard to be achieved, thus he claims that the region still dark and needs additional lamps and lanterns since the way must be illuminated as far as people see.
The first prerequisite he suggested that F and B must be arrogated their tails are of A borrowed and to be quite sure F and B must go on propagating a new offspring, and the coming generations should be always without tails.
Otherwise, F and B must had a bed three nights with the biggest dog A, then the new society will be attended by his darling the ES-J whose name will be changed in the ceremony, which it is previously has been decided to be held on the last day.
All bugles attend and all horns attend, all men and women as well as all dogs from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf everywhere come to hear the prelude and the choirs as they were shoving one another to be in the front of the hall.
The carnival ended and the jackal still has another suggestion.
F and B agreed when they saw dogs come scrambling to find a place hardly to be found for one's foot meanwhile many of them still out of the assembly hall whispering and shouting:
Be alive the dog A
Viva is to the dog A
On the other hand, other dogs went away into exclamation feeling in frustration since they had not voices to elect the new dogs' leader of the world.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Turning Point: Beautiful Stranger

The Turning Point: Beautiful Stranger: © Copyright Renu Vyas I once met a beautiful stranger Who I had never met before Though we didn't know each other In an ...

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

When I am survived

I searched about her everywhere
Noting alarmed me here or there
My coffee always being bitter
At afternoon and wherever I go
Here my stars being stuck
In the mouth of ocean I sail
 And no more I anchored inland
Tropically weather singed me
 And the wind scoots as if a mad
Between the waves, I remembered you
About to be drowned I shouted "Dos"!
My message yet doesn't reach her
In the midis of my emotion, I took a nap
There I heard the sound of seabirds
Saying welcome, you are survive
I came back where the anchor close
To be in my country at the midnight
Entering my room, I find a reply
You are alarmed not to be sailed 


Saturday, December 6, 2014

The very educated Iraqi poetess "Farah Dos"

I might blame myself because I didn't read to her only in the last days.
I was familiar with her writings when I was suddenly surfing on the skies of Internet; there I noticed her noticeable name was published in many of biggest forums and websites.
I would apologize not to her only but rather to the busy time I have had, which consumed all of my ability, as well as the general troubles, which come latter to our society.
A woman of word and verse:

Really I felt myself was admired on her and on her poetry, the poetry of a woman, which never have we had since centuries.
As I heard or read that she was approved of to be a student on the college of medicine, but some domestic troubles stand against her not to complete her study and rather she went on writing from that time.
A woman of prestige might not be neglected:
She is familiar when to begin and when to stop, furthermore she is very experienced into how shining, revising, and moreover versifying her poems to be into a glimmering atmosphere, illuminating the dark place covered the datum around.
This shining style of writing is less acquainted to many poets, thus the verse can be read into two different ways.
What can I say more?
It is likely to say or asking a question, why do most poets have never been acquainted by people but only after their death.
Thus, I prefer to write a biography of such poet while he is still alive and for this reason, I am going to translate some of her poems.
Cheers until satisfaction is to her!

Translating the poem

I can't be present \ Farah Dos

In spite of my insistent temper,
I can't be present
When I am on visiting to thee;
Something spurs me the whishing for birth,
for a child yet I don't bear …
He watches my room!
When it disclaims to my bed—
and the sparrow I want in my imagination—
when it denies to my dresses that revealing your perfume
A child by its feeble hands gathers my things,
To be a firewood, as he toys with
What a horror is it that surrounds me?
Once I am being late on visiting you!
Oh, if there was only an advantage!
There is no round table to sit around!
Only a chair and I sat where he points
I am who settling here in the letter dispersal
Bothered to wait for the vacant unoccupied seats
While I am signing on the list of absence,
the drowsiness overcomes on my vitality
It will be never roused by the noisy of asphalt
The child turned old and was going to study
It is similar to a breast its nipple turning for back
The hall and things being stuck on nails
Half of them being naked,
leaving their feet on the bed
When the nightingales chant over the cracking colors,
neither you nor doves will wait me
The place of party likely is as a head of a choked bird
Excuse, if you arrange the presence on its consequence
Or to hold the sessions in the side of masks
The masked-jokers, who are sticky to the picture,
stain the ball by the concept
So that the deaf one will laugh,
as well as the bereaved mother before sleeping…
I can't be present where their statues are erected
Likely are as doll going to cry
And I am between your crazy fingers,
as a kiss of a pop-eyed
Politicians laugh pretending fearing upon us
Cooperating to wash the eye by the raider's rag
Thus, the poet is forgiven because he was absent

أنا القابعة هنا في شتات الحرف
تزعجني المقاعد التي تتسع
 I am who settling here in the letter dispersal
Bothered to wait the vacant unoccupied seats 

لا أستطيع الحضور / فرح دوسكي

*على الرغم من لجاجتي
" " "
لا استطيعُ الحضور
*وأنا ذاهبةٌ إليكَ
تجرفني رغبة طفل لم انجبه
يراقبُ غرفتي
وهي تتنصلُ عن سريري وعصفور مخيلتي
تتنصلُ عن فساتيني التي تشي برائحتك..
طفلٌ بيديه الواهنتين يحطبُ اشيائي
يا له من رعبٍ يؤخرني عنك َ
آآآآه ....لو ثمة نافذة..
ليس ثمة طاولة*
لكنه الكرسي، جلستْ حيثُ أشار
أنا القابعة هنا في شتات الحرف
تزعجني المقاعد التي تتسع
وانا أوقعُ على الغيابِ ثم انقلبَ..
النعاسُ حيويتي*
لا يوقظهُ ضجيجَ الإسفلت
الطفلُ بات كهلا وهو ذاهبٌ إلى الدرسِ
كنهد... حلمِتهُ للوراءِ..
القاعةُ والأشياءُ تتشبثُ بالمساميرِ
نصفُها عاريةً تركتْ اقدامها في السرير..
حين تشدو البلابلُ على صراخ الالوان*
لـــــ ... أنتَ والحمامُ بانتظاري
المحفلُ سيكون كرأسِ طائرٍ مختنقْ..
إن علقتُ الحضورَ على المؤخرات ِ
وربطتُ الجلساتِ بخاصرةِ الاقنعة
المُهرِّجونَ المقَنعُونَ من داخل اللوحةِ
يصبغونَ الكرةَ بالفكرةِ
ليضحك الاصمْ والشعور والأم الثكلى قبلَ النوم..
* لا أستطيع...
تحت تماثيلهم، الدميةُ تبكي
وأنا بين اصابعك المجنونةِ قبلةً جاحظةَ العيينين..
*الساسةُ يضحكون خوفًا علينا
فنمسحُ العينَ بخرقةِ الوطنِ المحتل
عذراً ..للشاعرِ في الغياب...



Thursday, December 4, 2014

حمامةالسلام تبكي .... - مركز النور

حمامةالسلام تبكي .... - مركز النور

وكالة إعلام مركز الأدب العربي: الشاعرة فرح دوسكي

غُصينٌ بباب الدار يبتسم
لو هبتِّ الريح ُ يعتصرُ
وشمس تغازلني وتسعدني
تشرقُ في كبدي وتستعرُ
كأنها الريح ُ لو دلفت
شمائل حُسْن ٍ في مقلتها الكبْرُ
وجمال الدنيا في أطرها يكتمل
تمائم حُسنٍ في طيشها عِبَرُ
من للدنيا بكيدها يأتمنني
ومن للوصلِ يقرُّ فيعتذرُ؟ 
كم ساعة  فيهاً تصفو لنا
ومن على اللوعات ِ يصطبرُ
أيا معشر الخلد هل بينكم
خليلٌ وفى قبلي فأعتبرُ؟
يا روعة المجد عفوّا وأنذروا
فكم طال الوقت وأنتم نذرُ
سألت الناس كأني مغتربٌ
وكأني العابرُ البيد ثم منكسرُ
فلا صلاة تسعدني ولا دعاء
ولا الضحى إن صليت أو الفجرُ
إذا ما نهضت الصبح ولم
ألقي تلك الشفائف الحمرُ
ولو أكلت العسل الزلال
فلن يسيغ لي حول ٌ ولا دهرُ
طوال الليل طيفُكِ يؤرقني
يغشيني النوم فلا أقتدرُ
ولا خضرة الربيع تؤنسني
إذا ما الشمس في ثوبها تنحسرُ
لأنك أنت الربيع يدفئني
وأنت لباس الدف ْ والمطرُ
يا روعة الشعراء يا ألمي
هل لصبح يطلُ فأنتظرُ ؟
وأنت النسيم الذي يريحني
كظلال الشمس يغدو فلا ينكسرُ
بل أنت قرص الشمس يظلني
وأنت الغيم لو دنا به أعتطر
وأنت الذي لو غاب عاما
سأظل به أسمو وأفتخرُ
أيا حبا لا مثيل له
به نحجُ عاما أو نعتمرُ
فكيف المنى وأنت قاطعٌ
وكيف تطلب عذرا وأنا العذرُ 
فلا الموسيقى صوتها يطربني
وكيف ذاك وأنا الغافل الخدرُ
عد حماك الله لا تعذبني
فإني على بعدك َ لا أقدرُ

وكالة إعلام مركز الأدب العربي: الشاعرة فرح دوسكي

وكالة إعلام مركز الأدب العربي: الشاعرة فرح دوسكي

إلى الشاعرة الكبيرة الغنية عن التعريف
كم حزنت إذ لم يسبق لي الإطلاع على كل قصائدك وتصورتك إسما عاديا يبتغي
البذخ لا أكثر ولكن الحقيقة نفسها هي من خدعني هذه المرة فلم أجد عنفوانا كهذا
العنفوان ولا ألقا كهذا الألق فكل حرف يكتب سورة من الجمال والوصف يعجز واللسان
يكل واشهد ربي إني لست من المتملقين ولكن فؤجئت وتسرعت إذ تصورت أن زمان المبدعين
قد ولى وما يقال عنه إبداع أجده لا يصل عتبة الباب ...
الربيعي \\ المترحم
الأدب الإنجليزي  

يعز الفراقُ وفي ثنايا  أمسياته وجلُ
وشمعة في الدار تغنى بها  الأسل
أيا أنصافَ أرواح ٍ ما لكن خاطر!
في طياته حروف كُتِبَ بها الأملُ!
حروفا من الدر النفيس بنيتها !
قصورا شواهقا علت فوقها النزلُ
وجياد ٌ لم تحط على الأرض حوافرها
سيلحقن السماء بما حملن وما حملوا
وريحانه من شغاف القلب رسمتها
آيات فوق النجوم بما حفلنا وحفلوا
ورودا والهوى العذري بانت فوارقه
كجسورٍ بين الروابي بالهوى تكتحلُ
طيبات ٌ لعل المنايا يخبن هنيهة
ولعل رمية ً في جذوتها لا تحل ُ
ولعل الكرام َ لا ينسونا لحظة ً
ولعل الريح َ تنبئني لو بها عجلُ
ومن هذه الصفحات أخطُ صفحتي
كتابا من زنبق بدهن الآسِ يشتعلُ
To the well-know woman of letters
Departure is hard to me to be endured
In its evening's folds, there is horror
O, the half souls yet were demolished
Is there not any consolation on thee?
Inside its folds letters of hope were written
Letters from the precious pearls I composed
To be lofty palaces for residence formed
And horses their hooves don't touch the ground,
Will ascend to the sky as a lightning
To carry their burden and other's burden
And a basil flower,
from my heart membrane I draw it
To be miracles,
for what they took in mind and we took in mind
Flowers, and the spiritual love has set apart
As bridges between the mounds,
in atmosphere being darkened
Good tempered,
Perhaps the fates delayed for a while
And perhaps an arrow mislays the bullseye
It maybe those benevolent will not neglect us
And it maybe the breeze will notify me
Even though it will swiftly come
And from these pages I shall line my page
To be a book made from lily,
and by myrtle – oil it will be burned