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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Is the difference between the world- parts due to religions?

Is the difference between the world- parts due to religions?
Allah Almighty said in many verses of Quran:
((Who will adopt any religion other than Islam; rightly, he is one of those underdogs))
((The real religion to Allah is the Islam))
Now if we shut any door out of any religious doctrine and keep slightly watching any political practicing whether on west or east, do we find anything related to true religion? I think not because all of politicians work to their behalf whether to the sake of their own behalf such as their parties or their groups, or in anyway not sincerely to the behalf of their nations.
Yes I would like to control light into these complexities which almost people- the mob considering these conflicts rising around the world is due to the relations that are in way or another is related to the variant of religious considerations.
It is permanently and definitely not so since the Jews may have another way is far away different; and in all of their consideration will look for the reason that comes out of the ancient time, which obtain through reasoning the duration of Suleiman- the prophet. In addition, always should claim that they have the priority, as they were the selective nation of God.
If really they were the selective nation of God, they would have to forgive at once after Forty Years of Straying and misguiding in the earth after Moses examining them whether they are righteous or not in a story will take many parts of any research if I ought to follow.
Because of their stubborn manner, Allah had to punish them. Then they had been strayed in the desert of Sinai the period of Forty Years knowing not is it day or night, and the man who, however, tried to go outside of his place should return to the same starting point as if he goes in a vicious circle. This is the punishment, which all Sacred Books mentioned it, has neither for Christians nor for Muslims.
Returning to the way of policy, which it is almost, described as a point of a debate and farther disputation as its twin point – the argument that still had to be rising between religious doctrines, which one is the better and which is not the better.
Allah is the One Creator and who worth worshiping to Jews, to Christians, and by Muslims and all Allah's Books come down to Earth at the tongue of Him and through a Messenger or a Vision.
Moses, Jesus and Mohammad all of them are Prophets and coming to illuminate thoughts of people saving them from worshiping pagans as well as to purify people souls so that can be get ridding of their sins, however, to still make the Earth living in peace out of disasters ,ordeals and disgrace.
All of them are both Prophet and Messenger since how they have the same Allah's order and Will but Allah as he said in a verse of Koran:
(We had to estimate virtues between prophets) i.e. there is a superlative degree among prophets, since most of them are not Messengers but just Prophets but it is an issue for Allah only.
As we believe that Mohammad is a Prophet who Allah sent him to us, we must believe that Jesus is also a Prophet as well as other Prophets. However, when we obliviously have considered the stages that one followed one, we have to directly release out our thoughts and our minds to the point why Allah sent all these Prophets and Messengers, it is because of nothing? Thus we ask and ask till we could recognize the reason why Allah sent all those Prophets. Is it impossible to send one prophet in one time- any certain time to the entire world?
Then the whole human will speak the same language and no any Semite language or Indo-European, thus there are reasons and there is a Will, because Allah described this matter also in Korean when He said:
((We create you nations and tribes in order to recognize one another, but the whole devoted to Allah is the most one dedicating his time in religiosity))                        
Yes that had come to the ground which ever has had a sin and debate for things everyone had to know by mind and just looking carefully to the skies how had been built and to sun and to the seas and to multiple sources of foods, which Allah the Merciful bless it to human.
I think we have had the time to install our souls for the good opportunity that we could meet each other.
I think the debate will be not excellent since there are politicians still confiscated on people rights and blood.
As we are a nation, everywhere a nation, we must have had the ladder to force those rulers and dissenters where had to put feet. Now I just deduce that the difference between states and countries is not due to any religious source but it is inherited to the aim of politics -men, men or leaders of the world who crazily ascended on their thrones frankly are the reason of all troubles and wars that damaged both earth and human.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

مدينة على الضفاف تحترق

مدينة على الضفاف تحترق
قالوا سنحررها
لكنهم يكذبون
فهم من باعوها بأبخس ثمن
باعوا حضارتها باعوا دجلتها
باعوا روح الإباء فيها
أيا كبرياء أقتلني مرة
فحياة الذل ابغضها
وانحتوا من ضلعي شجرة
لحائها الماضي قدَّ من دمها
وارسموا فوقها بيرقا
يظل في الميدان يبكيها
أيا روعة الشعراء هل من حاضرٍ
كرمح في الوصالِ يزدري كل معانيها
نبئتُ أن الخيرَ وليدُ ساعةً
فلا اليراعُ مؤتلفٌ إن جُذت نواصيها
والخيرُ في صبرِ الأنام على القذى
ما راحَ شبرٌ من ربعها أو أعاليها
حتى العيون التي أجحظها البكا
ما لصبرٍ أشكوه هما ً  من أمانيها 
قيعانها السلقُ البيض مشكولات في رونقها
وهمام القوم في عتمة الدواوين حذقا يرميها
أيا صبراً عهدته في عراق ٍ اعزُه
فيا مالكَ الخير هل تسعفني مراميها
دكوها لم يعد فيها خيرٌ
ميتٌ كان أم حيٌ لا زال يباريها
ومتى الذلُ والهوانُ اجتمعا
فلا خيرَ في دُنيا تُعزُها وتُحييها
أناشدك يا رجلا لا زلتُ أعرفهُ
فمن يعيد حاضرا ً غاب عن ماضيها
إن العيون َ مقرحة ٌ ما زارها الكرى
يشكين دمعا تدفق في سواقيها
أيا كريم َ النفس ساعة َ عسرةٍ
قائدا عرفته بالروح تفديها
هَبتْ نسائمُ خيرٍ بين دجلتها
فكن السراج لو أظلمت لياليها
هيأتُ مشرعي وأذكيتُ قلمي
مُعطران بشذى الورد من أيك مراعيها
لا اسميك لأنك معروفٌ ساعة الردى
معطاءُ يدٍ في الجود والإنعامِ ترخيها


Friday, October 23, 2015

America and terrorism

America and terrorism

If we look carefully and study the history we will discover something isn't right or changing upside in America's plan in what overall history America has declared..
When America invaded Iraq in 1991 then followed in 2003 the cover of its military campaign is to discarding out the Saddam regime under some allegations that Saddam himself is directly connected with Al Qaeda-the time when never there is group of terrorists at least in Iraq and as American investigations this will threat the interests of America in the region but now after removing the Saddam regime we see the opposite since Al Qaeda which ISIS is a part of it filling up most parts of Iraq and Syria and sweeping out most of the governmental military that America helped to find after the occupation.
I can't help myself to find out what is this duality or duplicity in America policy because till now and after two years of ISIS occupation to most parts of Iraq we hardly can see a noticeable response against terrorism which America sets up a wide campaign against it but still poor enough against any advantages.
It is likely that America has two hands one hand is a true hand and the other is a false hand.
America when came and invaded Iraq its aircraft bombed Iraq more than 900 attacks per a day while now the attacking number has been decreased in both Syria and Iraq for 11 and this is enough for more bringing suspicions.